September 8, 2018

Megan Erie Medical benefit

PayItForward was able to raise $1005 to donate to help Megan with her medical bills.

Megan Erie, 17, was in a terrible car accident with her friend on Monday (5/14/18). Megan was airlifted to St Mary’s Hospital and is being treated for life-threatening injuries. Megan is in a coma at the moment with severe neck injuries, brain swelling, fractured skull, broken ribs and a lacerated spleen. She was in surgery to repair her spleen and responded to pain, which is a hopeful sign. This money you will be donating will help with Megan’s medical bills as well as help her family. Megan is such a beautiful soul and every time she went into a room it would light up. She and her family need your help while they are going on this long recovery journey. Your donations are greatly appreciated.