September 25, 2019

Joelle Long

I’ve wanted a leafblower for the better part of 4 years.
Researching, waffling.
Never justifying the expense of one.
With Toby deployed- I’d be tackling the monster mess solo, I had budgeted the last few months- knowing leaf season was looming…

One of Toby and I’s dearest friends Josh had given me a few pointers- and stopped over today- so I could get a preview of his leafblower. Maybe get a better idea of what I want.

Showed me all the fancy options- how to gas it up.

At the end of it all…. “you like it?! Its yours!”

Pay It Forward, you guys are incredible.
Toby and I are so incredibly blessed and blown away.

I am so thankful for community.

Stop by their facebook page and bless them if you can. ♡

leafblower noise as a mic drop