2014 Pay It Forward

Jason Ferch

Jason Ferch was paralyzed in a fall almost 20 years ago. The access to his bathroom was very restrictive and he could bump his knuckles on the doorway when he’d enter. Once in the bathroom there was still no reasonable room for him as the open area of the bathroom as just wide enough for his wheelchair to go in but not to turn around.

He would then have to transfer from chair to toilet & then toilet to tub ledge and then into shower chair.

His bathroom was widened by nearly 2 feet by removing a neighboring closet, giving us the ability to install a roll in shower and a wall hung sink which he could now actually roll up to in order to see in the vanity mirror.  He had been content with the situation for nearly 14 years and it was amazing to be able to give him more freedom to move in his bathroom.