2020 Pay It Forward

Henry Mandler

Whew! Cat is OUT of the bag!! We have chosen Henry Mandler for PayItForward Project 2020! I believe in the choice every year with 100% of my being and choosing Henry this year is NO different.

He encompasses all that Pay-It-Forward Inc. values & believes in and I truly believe can be looked upon with admiration for his strength, courage, faith & perseverance! He most certainly has gained a fan in my eyes.

Henry was in a car accident December 18, 2018 that left him paralyzed. The night of his car accident this young man was even lucid enough to express his apologies to the emergency team since they had to get up in the middle of the night. His humbleness & kindhearted spirit are so evident in speaking with him, you can’t help but walk away & smile! He’s a single father to 3 beautiful children 6, 4 & 3. Wanting to be the best daddy, best employee & best human….mad respect I say! He lives North of Brownsdale in a split level home – yes – split level. Might have you asking how that is done with a wheelchair – strength! Sheer strength…..

This will be our biggest project ever! And I am SO excited about that!

March 22, 2020

So – I am going to try my very best to tell you what we accomplished last week in our 5 days at Henry’s house! I have to do a virtual walk-through in my mind to try to grasp everything because it was such an enormous project! Even adding things during that we changed just because it was the thing to do!

  • Re-fasten gutters on house
  • Replaced burnt out sump pump in well house & re-pipe line
  • Added outdoor light by entry door with WiFi controls
  • Install new garage entry door to breezeway
  • Placed siding on breezeway to finish
  • Install new storm door on other side of breezeway for access
  • Added lighting to interior of breezeway with WiFi controls
  • Lowered entry door to home to eliminate 4″ drop into house
  • Shaved ramp to meet new entry level
  • Installed new entry door & changed to appropriate swing in
  • Installed new door locks & handles on all doors exterior
  • Installed new hardwood look flooring in Den, Living Room,
  • Dining room & Henry’s bedroom.
  • Installed new tile look LVP flooring in both bathrooms
  • Paint Den, Living Room, Dining Room Kitchen, Children’s Bedroom, Henry’s bedroom, Hallways, Stairways, Laundry
  • Room, Henry Bath, Children Bath
  • Remove wallpaper Laundry room
  • Install new carpet on both stairways
  • Install a curved stair lift to get upstairs
  • Install a straight stair lift to get downstairs
  • Remove half wall that was by stairs in down going down
  • Install new custom made spindle railing by those stairs
  • Widen doorway into children’s bedroom
  • Add new door to children’s bedroom
  • Purchase / assemble triple style bunk-bed for children’s
  • bedroom
  • Clean carpeting in children’s bedroom
  • Clean fabric on dining room chairs
  • Wash cushion covers on upstairs couch
  • Completely gut & re-sheet rock children’s bathroom
  • Install new tub shower, new vanity, new toilet children’s bath
  • Install new tub shower faucet & sink faucet & granite tops
  • Custom order light and all accessories children’s bathroom
  • Install new shower only in Henry’s bathroom
  • Install shower lighting & new vanity light Henry bathroom
  • Install grab bars & hand-shower, new vanity, new lav faucet
  • Install higher ADA toilet, install new granite tops
  • Install new kitchen sink & faucet
  • Install new dishwasher
  • Install new ceiling fan in dining room & Henry’s bedroom
  • Install new light fixtures in kitchen, hallway & playroom
  • Install new front load washing machine & dryer
  • Assemble & install new shelving for kids playroom – cubes
  • Assemble new kids table & chairs for playroom
  • Install new furnace
  • Install new water softener & power vent water heater

Throughout the home I ordered & designed new wall decor with customized names, family names & styles that I felt suited Henry best. As well as professional photos taken of family AND the home project.
We purchased new kitchen items, pots & pans, utensils, bowls, silverware. A new desk was purchased for use in Living Room area. Purchased a first aid kit in case the need arises for the children to grab it quickly!

We purchased him an Amazon Show & WiFi switches & outlets so he could control Alexa apps throughout his home to help with more remote controls. Purchase 2 new wheelchairs for use on each level with lifts.

Whew – I am sure that I missed some things but here’s how you can see where we did a bit more than the bathrooms ❤️

This does NOT include so many other things that happened – car detailing – Hotel stay – gift cards etc!