August 11, 2020

Carole Apold

Just wrote out the check for Carole’s car insurance! We’ve decided to cover full coverage for an entire year! That will give her some breathing room for sure!

Scott has had the car detailed for Carole – so it’s all pretty & ready to go! Thanks to Scott & Cassie for helping out with everything on this project! They are giving 2 years worth of oil changes as well as a $500 certificate to help with any incidental repairs that may come up!! We still need some help with costs – so if you can donate – great – if you aren’t able to – that’s OK as well – please share!!

Thanks again to Lindsay Lindsay Bires, American Family Insurance Agent – Austin, MN for helping me find the best price on our insurance for Carole so we could cover an entire year!

We’ve got the fabulous Kathi from Just Take the Cake making some “treats of love” to show our appreciation to Ford & our helpers!

Thanks to Austin Daily Herald, ABC 6 News – KAAL TV for covering the story! And a special thanks to Joshua Langmade from Media Core for his production work to create our video!