Our Mission

Pay It Forward is a collaborative effort that involves Mower County businesses & individuals to help brighten, enlighten & rejuvenate hope of families in need.

For the large bathroom remodel, a family or person is chosen based on emotional & physical need after an essay & photo submission. The Pay It Forward crew has a chosen week and the project starts Monday and is completed by that Friday. The bathroom is completely redone & updated thanks to the fabulous contractors & volunteers that make this possible.

For the smaller projects we do throughout the year – we just help with whatever we can! Those needs range from lawn care to household repairs, vehicle repair bills to medical support!

Why Help?

There are members of our community who have suffered and continue to suffer trials in their life that are beyond their own control. Reaching out to those people is a way to wrap them in a sense of community love and safety. The success of the businesses in our community rely on the community itself and without these members, we are nothing and will not succeed. It’s time to give back to those people and help the continued growth of the hope we need in humanity.

We Couldn’t Do it Alone

There are numerous other’s in the local community that contribute to the project for needs such as meals for the family during the week of the project, those items that are a finishing touch to the bathroom, extra projects that are actually undertaken in the home as well.

Those contributors help make this happen and it is beautiful to see everyone join together in this effort, even more rewarding to know we are making a change in someone’s life and restoring hope around them.